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'Complexity is sexy....I find Irish songwriter Simon MacHale very complex' (Zoë Brown, The Music Court)



'Simon MacHale’s work here is an intriguing blend of electronics and acoustics. He manages to successfully combine a number of contemporary genres while keeping a folk feel prevalent throughout. Its articulately sung lyrics and atmospheric nature make Let Down Those Old Defences worth sampling' (Dave Simpson, Pure m Magazine)



'Simon MacHale’s emotive, yet soulful, electro-folk sound and the longing tone of ‘If I Cannot Have You’ the pairing of both the music and the visuals work together powerfully, resulting in a compelling viewing and listening experience'


'Simon MacHale's latest single is a slice of electro folk pop perfection! Wrap your ears around If I Cannot Have You and let it sink in' Indie Arena Radio,


'His music mixes classical sounds as well as pop and folk, making for an enjoyable chamber pop sound, somewhat reminiscent of Andrew Bird, particularly the superb I’d Like To See You Dance' (B. Hayes Curtin, Cork Independent, 01.03.12)

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