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Faultier, Yak & Kakerlak (2014) was commissioned by the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and was specifically designed for children playing recorders, harps, viola da gamba, and harpsichord. The piece combines music and theatre, using as its base selections of wonderful stories about about animals by Bibi Dumon Tak. The complete cast included 29 young students, and two adult voice actors. Directed by Sibylle Burkart, with musical direction by Andrea Knutti (video: Franz Bannwart) 

Faultier, Yak & Kakerlak (2014) 'Prologue'

Faultier, Yak & Kakerlak (2014) 'Der Mauersegler'

Theme (Prologue)                 

Die Qualle                            

Der Mauersegler                  

Der Präriewolf                       

Die schwarze Witwe            


Der Wasserreservoirfrosch 

Die Kakerlake

Das Faultier


Der Bombardierkäfer

Der wilde Yak

Theme (Epilogue)

Faultier, Yak & Kakerlak (2014) 'Die Qualle'

Faultier, Yak & Kakerlak (2014) 'Der wilde Yak'

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